Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shootmania First Impression

I would be remissed if I didn't write a post on shootmania... one of the up and comming games in the eSports community. I was on vVv when I heard DNJ was competing in the shootmania tournament that is currently going on nasclive twitch TV channel.

Honestly, I don't know much about the game itself. But I have seen enough to feel comfortable about writing my impression of the game. Keep in mind that this isn't a judgement about how commited the game should be in eSport. I belive any such judgments should be based on the culture and community development of it's following.

Basically what I've seen is that this game is one of the closest games to a sport excluding actual traditional sport games. The interface of menu's and other small details just makes me feel every game is broadcasted.

The maps are much more arena built in that it seems like the course was built into selected environments like cross country, as opposed to the environments being designed themselves like tron. Okay... tron might be a bit extremed lets go with nascar. You get the idea.

Okay my most favored part is the distance measures of the shots. Comeone... that's about as sport as you get.

Well that's all for now.I'm going back to check out the tourney some more. If you're interested stop in to the stream at

Drive safe!

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