Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Unfortunately due to the storm Halloween in my local area has been postponed to Sunday.

However, for those of you who still have it today I hope you have a safe and fun one!

Stay warm/dry =)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Scary Games

So in light of the Halloween spirit, I felt it was appropriate to list some of my favorite scary games.

1. Nightmare House - Extremely well made. Great Story, awesome jumpscares... What more could you want.

2. RE 4 - The best one in my personal opinion. Not really scary but it was a great inclusion to the story and the creativity behind the creatures was amazing. I recently played the demo of 6 but not the entire game so I won't jump to any inclusions here.

3. Forget Me not a Annie - I LOVE this game. Very short unfortunately but great none the less. It's very Errie and well made despite it's lack of completeness which they've apologized.

4. SCP Containment Breach - Okay the staircase one was kinda dull. The corridor was great with the jump scares. This one was However get's the ball rolling. The epic pseudo conspiracy test series did an excellent job putting some of it's best work into one project. It's also improving throughout the updates and includes an awesome mod of Slenderman.

5.Cry of fear - Great game. Never played it though. Watched Pewdiepie play it. Epic none the less. Top 5 worthy by any measure.

There are a lot of other great games like Amnesia and slender but these are my top 5 by far.

Get spooked!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Gems Swap II Tips

I've been considering my return to Gems Swap. I used to be pretty good the game. Here are a few tips on helping you improve your game.

1. Probably the most important tip is learning how to play the board. How you observe the levels will make the most impact on ppts per click you make. It's good to practice spotting a move then while you are moving your mouse look to the other sections of the board.

2. Maintaining while building is critical. The thing to remember and take advantage of is collapsing at the top decreases the odds of loosing potential points. Clearing lines at the bottom is far riskier as it can clear scores earlier but in it's aggressiveness it can turn dead area in opportunities. It does a lot to the board but that usually means it'll take more time to reassess the landscape.

3. Patience. Try to go for 4 cubes it'll take some practice but look past the minimum score opportunity. This will kinda translate in a lot of things you do. Also keep an eye out in between point animation to find what opportunities you can stretch a little wider.

4. Clear corners first. Take as much time as you need. The center of the board is very opportunistic and the top will often clear itself on accident.

5. Having good placement. If you only need 1 more line cleared and the set up is made run the clock down by playing in safer area to rack up points.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cooldown laps

So I play chess pretty much Everyday. And the middle Saturday of the month I have the pleasure of hosting The Official Melee Monthlies event. As you can suspect, this can be very exhausting. Don't get me wrong... I love the life but no matter how much we would like to think otherwise we all need something to kinda decompress and whatnot.

Fortunately I've been making ends meet there. I like to play a little forza Motorsports. Now I used to be really serious about my driving games but for me lately the game has been relaxing right after unpacking from tourneys. I don't like to crash right after the tourney but I don't want my adrenaline to be on fire. Forza is just good enough or me to cruise a bit and let rattling thoughts fade a bit. Post results and stuff. Usually The next day is sunday which I like to kinda avoid gaming related tasks for the sake of my own mental health. And to kinda spend time with the fam. Mental health is important. Now let's see if I can get some good sleep schedueled into my life routine ;>.>

Friday, October 5, 2012

Back on track

Bidding good luck to NEOH smashers as they will travel to The Big House this week. A Road to apex Qualifier and an overall monster of a tourney. As for myself, my oldest brother's birthday.