Saturday, October 27, 2012

Scary Games

So in light of the Halloween spirit, I felt it was appropriate to list some of my favorite scary games.

1. Nightmare House - Extremely well made. Great Story, awesome jumpscares... What more could you want.

2. RE 4 - The best one in my personal opinion. Not really scary but it was a great inclusion to the story and the creativity behind the creatures was amazing. I recently played the demo of 6 but not the entire game so I won't jump to any inclusions here.

3. Forget Me not a Annie - I LOVE this game. Very short unfortunately but great none the less. It's very Errie and well made despite it's lack of completeness which they've apologized.

4. SCP Containment Breach - Okay the staircase one was kinda dull. The corridor was great with the jump scares. This one was However get's the ball rolling. The epic pseudo conspiracy test series did an excellent job putting some of it's best work into one project. It's also improving throughout the updates and includes an awesome mod of Slenderman.

5.Cry of fear - Great game. Never played it though. Watched Pewdiepie play it. Epic none the less. Top 5 worthy by any measure.

There are a lot of other great games like Amnesia and slender but these are my top 5 by far.

Get spooked!

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