Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving weekend.

Hope everyone had a good one and is ready for the holidays =)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Help DNJ

So just kinda a random post... Not really random.

If you guys can spread the word and help fund these guys a bit of the cost that would be thuper!

It would be great fro the Shootmania scene in  general!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Number of Openings

I've been thinking about chess openings recently. Generally speaking I put much more stock in middle-game and endgame situations. I will eventually (soon as I finish my endgame studies) go back and refocus on openings.

The point is the question of rather it's better to play a variety of openings or focus on a few concepts.
When I think of this I think of 2 things, picking characters and the number 3. 3 is such a cornerstone number that I'm convinced we are engraved to suit it. Most people who play characters seriously pick 2 as it gives them an in-depth understanding on a consistent practice while have some diversity in their arsenal.

I feel when you are starting off play a lot of openings and get exposed. Once you get seriously pick 3. 2 of them you study heavily in depth and have a 3rd one just to mix things up. 2 Should be similar while 1 should be very different.

Personally I like the Nimzovich + ruy lopez and the Sicilian. Sicilian is the S tier opening. Ruy Lopez in my most practiced opening and Nimzovich is relatively similar mixup.

Variety is important but it's always good to learn a few things in depth. Openings are like tools. If you have a solid middle and endgame more than likely you should be able to hold your own in any situation.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Just Voted

So I voted today. Just got back 2 minutes ago.

It's kinda embarrassing to see a lot of people mentioning their refusal to vote. Some have gone as far as to convince others not to vote as well. I respect a person who votes opposite of my own preference, however a person who refuses to speak when it matters doesn't deserve a voice when it doesn't.

Food for thought.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

MLG Dallas Recap HALO 4

Before the games even hit the shelves... That's right! What a way to revive the Halo Community!

Now I didn't catch any of the other events such as SC2 and LOL but I did get my fair share of the "Struggling Community Franchise". There has been a significant amount of turbulance in MLG regarding Halo but beyond the gimick if you will The event was nothing short of a success.

Okay so Loser Semi finals and out things got REALLY interesting! Personally I am still in awe with Loser finals Ambush vs Status Quo. The game went back and fourth at each other like never before seen. After a close race, team Ambush (with a stunning performance by the legend snip3down) was able to step pass Ambush 2-1 . GF's was a very unexpected yet exciting 4-0 shutout by Warriors. Indeed a historical performance and a historical event.

.... I do wish Believe the Hype was in the finals though

Anyways... I was very happy to see the community still enthusiastic about this event. The event wasn't main stage but it was till a show for the crowd. I look forward to see an epic comeback for the circuit in the future.

Shoututs to Mayhem!