Friday, January 18, 2013

Free Gaming Resources

1.  RecordMyDesktop - (Linux only) A nice easy to use desktop recorder. You can click and drag over any designated area on your screen. Down side is long time recorder may require a bit of saving time immediately after.

2. OpenshotVideo Editor - (Linux only) Another super easy go to video recorder. Downside is it can interupt for no reason at all. Save often!

3. OnlineVideoConverter - (website application) A great resourceful tool for a variety of file types and conversions. Down side is basically it is riddled with annoying popup advertisements. Some can be mistaken for application buttons. Clever idea.

4. - (website) Awesome information site for anything especially gaming and technology. Makes a great online news magazine as it has a quick and painless and absolutely free subscription. Downside is the potency of your email updates in comparison to the site itself. Better search the site while your there.

Some good starter tools for your gaming toolbox

Big Fish Games

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