Sunday, March 3, 2013

Competitive Chess Training Part 9 - Actually learning

There's a fine line between knowing how to do something and actually understanding it. When yo know how to do something it's easy to forget it. Especially if it's something that doesn't occur every day. This, of course is one of the many good reasons why practicing everyday is important. If not to learn new things, to maintain/polish your current skill set. While you should learn something new everyday....

Here are a few signs that you actually understand something

1. The words seem large... like billboard size large.
2. It's easy to visualize it's uses.
3. You get excited. Maybe chuckle if you're a geek like me.
4. Your more motivated to play right now using your technique.

Sometimes when we learn something new we forget to apply our previously learned techniques. One useful advice to carry with you especially in competition is to make a checklist before every action. Try to at the very least knock off 3 items. Ideally, 2 critical abstract factors and maybe 1 visual element.

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