Saturday, May 18, 2013

Child's Play Charity - Gaming Marathon | Brontodon-O-Thon

This is huge guys! I came across this wonderful combination of gaming and charity on Deviantart and I want to reach out and share it with anyone.

Brontodon-O-Thon is performing a "12 hour Gaming Marathon for Child's Play Charity"
The full article is available here

Personally I'm going to be sponsoring brontodon-O-Thon's drive.

Please I encourage all, especially gamers to either participate in childs play charity
If you can't participate, then donate. If you can't donate spread the word and just be involved with the livestreaming and causes.

-Madd Shoutout

Big Fish Games

Friday, May 3, 2013

Different types of champs

The Community Hero -  Organizes tourneys, writes guides on forums, and brings in the advertisement. A true franchise player. Very often this player will seem overrated but he/she is one of the top gamers.

The immortal - This person only sees numbers. If it can be done... this person has done it twice (once in their sleep ). If it can't be done.. he/she's done it anyway.

The guy - This is the alcoholic, smoker, troublemaker. Banned from every tourney not won. Honestly, usually one of, if not the most talented.

The kid - Never looks as good as he/she is. Very often underrated player who manages to do well against guys who are "clearly" better. Bottom of the champion's tier list on paper... but a master at adaptation.

The Crowd Pleaser - The combo's and tricks performed are not mathematically accurate... they just happen because they're supposed to.... And that's beautiful.

The legend - Once retired now returned. He/she'll still execute those outdated motifs young guys don't know about. Doesn't take a lot of risks (or only takes risks). Yeah, looks like a champ... 20 years ago.

The best on the block - Takes first at every local tourney... gets murdered at anywhere else.

Big Fish Games