Friday, May 3, 2013

Different types of champs

The Community Hero -  Organizes tourneys, writes guides on forums, and brings in the advertisement. A true franchise player. Very often this player will seem overrated but he/she is one of the top gamers.

The immortal - This person only sees numbers. If it can be done... this person has done it twice (once in their sleep ). If it can't be done.. he/she's done it anyway.

The guy - This is the alcoholic, smoker, troublemaker. Banned from every tourney not won. Honestly, usually one of, if not the most talented.

The kid - Never looks as good as he/she is. Very often underrated player who manages to do well against guys who are "clearly" better. Bottom of the champion's tier list on paper... but a master at adaptation.

The Crowd Pleaser - The combo's and tricks performed are not mathematically accurate... they just happen because they're supposed to.... And that's beautiful.

The legend - Once retired now returned. He/she'll still execute those outdated motifs young guys don't know about. Doesn't take a lot of risks (or only takes risks). Yeah, looks like a champ... 20 years ago.

The best on the block - Takes first at every local tourney... gets murdered at anywhere else.

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