Sunday, May 25, 2014

Recent thoughts

Right now I feel proud over my chess game.

Sometime a little bit over a few months ago, things in chess has completely changed. I feel like there was a box style of play that no matter how much I studied and learned I was always stuck in an almost amateur style play, which was frustrating since my knowledge of the game felt extensive.

The last few months I've been playing so much better. It doesn't really feel like a hot streak. My focus in chess has become deeper from position to position. In fact my general understanding of the game has competitively evolved from an advanced amateur to a semi-professional.

It may be that I've pushed my creative and analytic skills the extra mile. It may also be that experience has finally kicked in and I've learned to adapt to the situation at hand. This may be the fundamental of practicing so much taking it's toll.

One way or another I feel like a real chess player and maybe just at the beginning of playing like a top level player. I don't like to say that I'm a "good chess player" as good is somewhat of a perspective, but I have confidence playing against anyone including 2K+ opponents. I am currently playing a few games against more top match players and hopefully I will be able to pull off a few more impressive victories.