Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Difference between 1800 vs 1300 player

It's a frequently asked question. What is the difference between the amateur, intermediate, and expert player. As far as the amateur and intermediate comparison stands the elo often compares the 1300 (Usually rough default elo) vs 1800. While this is not always the case we'll use the commonly accepted comparison for the basis of this argument

So what is the fundamental difference between the two? Well, the best way to objectively look at this is to understand what the ratings actually stands for. Lets say a player cannot beat (on average) a player of 1300 rating. This means all players new to the league or players unable to win games against newer or higher rated players. Meaning on average players 1200 or below are prey because they are not skilled enough to average wins against the average class. So the ability to beat players within the standard mold of untrained or inexperienced players signifies the ceiling of this players capability. What this means is generally players lurking around 1300 elo are either improperly trained or un disciplined all together.

Now lets take a look at players above the fold. When 2 players play each other the one with the stronger training tends to win. I know... sounds obvious right? Believe it or not it's heavily overlooked and dismissed. If a player that is 1300 is un-disciplined or lacking fundamentals and this is the ceiling, that must mean the player capable of winning against this player frequently (which requires some formal skill-set or discipline) is in the very next class up. Keeping in mind that the ELO is very dependent on the no. of games played the average elo stc...

As far as 1800 is concerned... at best I can argue that the beginning expert mark is generally 1800-2000. Naturally 2000 is the choke elo... because players tend to want to dogfight to reach the big 2k. So to compete around this elo requires the mental & emotional endurance in addition to the skill-set

Ultimately, this is generally for spectator amusement. Nothing is concrete about this comparison but I felt like attempting to put a bit of logic to the matter.

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